Founding Principals

Forty Years of Expertise

The Brand Establishment organization is the result of some 40 years of brand-building expertise, as evidenced by its two managing partners, Russ Cornelius and Jacquie Francisco.

Each brings to the organization a wealth of experience with local, regional and national brands in just about every category.

Since its beginning in 2000, the Brand Establishment has been recognized as the leading brand building authority in the country, working with more than 300 brands, in both the profit and nonprofit categories, to successfully differentiate themselves and deliver their brand’s unique promise.

Russ Cornelius

Russ Cornelius is a Certified Brand Strategist (CBS) with more than 25 years’ experience in consulting and corporate marketing strategy and sales management. He has developed integrated marketing programs for clients in healthcare, hospitality, retail, financial services and business-to-business sectors.

As a corporate marketing executive, Russ has directed and managed channel marketing initiatives, directed sales teams, and designed customer service and CRM policy and measurement. Russ is also CEO of BrandSavants a vertical brand development agency.

Jacquie Francisco

Jacquie has 20 years of experience working in the advertising and marketing agency world and is known for her ability to lead and inspire dedicated teams of professionals to implement strategic marketing plans and brand development programs that deliver beyond expectation for her clients.

Jacquie passionately believes in the power of Brand Development to re inspire organizations and help them remember that what they do matters to customers, staff and partners. Because at the beginning and end of every day, the brand lives with the people of that organization.