Brand Library


Below you’ll find a collection of ebooks and papers on brand development and agency positioning.

Brand Value. Is It Worth Building?

Learn about the brand value pyramid, why it's important and how it works for several companies.

What’s a Brand Capable of Becoming?

Learn what happens when you become #1 in a category.

Focusing Your Brand Lens

Learn about the importance of having one voice and message.

Smart Brand Building Starts With Why

Learn how WHY you do what you do sets the stage for your brand development.

When a CEO Looks In the Mirror They Should See Their Brand

Learn how important the involvement of the CEO is to the brand development process - of EVERY company.

What a Brand Is Not

Learn how understanding the brand hierarchy will allow you to build a stronger brand from the inside out.

Let’s clear the air on brands.

Learn how to distinguish your agency from the pack and develop a process for building brands.