Elevate Your Brand

Engage a Certified Brand Strategist Agency.

Certified Brand Strategists talk and understand c-suite issues and think operationally, strategically and holistically about your business. We are professional advisors and counselors, who offer the benefit of advanced training and thinking, plus proven proprietary brand development processes that will build your brand and your organization’s value.

After all your brand is your most important asset. We create tactics, programs and initiatives that consistently and constantly drive your brand – and your business forward.

Elevate Your Brand
Change the Conversation

Well-Studied. Well-Connected.

Certified Brand Strategists complete Masters Level learning and are part of a marketing firm network that crosses North America, offering every marketing support resource you might require.

Turning the Telescope™ is our unique brand discovery process developed by Brand Establishment Founder Jim Hughes in 1985. It has been refined over the years through hundreds of discovery sessions and has become the premier brand development process in America. It’s proven. It’s consistently effective. And its power to energize a business or organization is breathtaking.

There are 18 North American agencies led by a Certified Brand Strategist.

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