Founding Principles

Our Mission

The Brand Establishment’s mission is to clear up the decades-long misconceptions surrounding branding and brand development, provide answers, new tools and smart brand-building strategies to small and mid-sized marketers. At the same time, help to advance brand development’s increasing importance and recognized value in growing and sustaining profitability for companies, organizations and businesses.

Many communications firms and consultants claim to be “brand experts,” though they have no formal training or credentials in this area. It’s no wonder that business professionals are confused and wary about “brand specialists.”

That’s why the Brand Establishment was formed.

Our Goals


  • To be the definitive Brand Development authority
  • To provide small to mid-size companies and organizations with highly trained, ‘best-of-breed’ brand development firms and consultants who all utilize a proven, proprietary methodology to build brand value.
  • To advance the understanding of the brand development process