The Process

Turning The Telescope™

Brands that discover who they are, what they do differently, and what they are capable of becoming, prosper.

Turning the Telescope™ is our unique brand discovery process developed by Brand Establishment founder, Jim Hughes in 1985. It has been refined over the years through hundreds of discovery sessions and has become the premier brand development process in North America. It’s proven. It’s consistently effective. And its power to energize a business or organization is breathtaking.

Here’s how it works:

The Process
Evidence of
and Supporting Evidence

You “turn the telescope” to look inside a company or organization to discover their Evidence of Distinction. A brand is all about differentiation – why someone should choose a brand over another.

To uncover this distinction and supporting evidence, you bring together your key people, usually 8 to 10 leaders of different areas of their operation. The typical session lasts most of the day to bring forward facts and intelligence about the company or organization, perceptions, opinions and ideas. Then we distill this information into 3 to 5 Unique Value Propositions that become core differentiation – their Evidence of Distinction.

Brand Essence
and Brand Franchise Statement

Once 3 to 5 Unique Value Propositions are established, this information is used to create a Brand Essence Statement and Brand Franchise Statement. From this we create a Brand Strategy from which all communications flow – both internally and externally.

The Strategic Initiative

When the company’s brand development process is completed, the next step is to operationalize the brand. That is, to make it part of everything you do as a company.

Because your brand isn’t marketing on steroids.

It’s a strategic initiative — no, make that, the strategic initiative — that drives customer loyalty, differentiation from your competitors and market leadership. And to achieve it, everyone in the organization needs to understand his or her role in bringing the brand’s promise to life — this is what Enculturation™ does for your company.

How you manage your business is how you manage your brand.

It cuts across product/service delivery, distribution, pricing and communications. Because a great campaign isn’t anything unless you can deliver on the promise both internally and externally. (Where would Maytag be if their appliances broke down or Volvo if their cars were unsafe?)

In the end, when someone says: “tell me about your company,” everyone will have a clear, definitive and consistent answer.