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Creating Memorable Brand Experiences

February 26, 2016

Does your brand leave a lasting impact on your audience? I recently attended a Brand Establishment conference and was introduced to Dustin Garis of LifeProfit. He gave an inspiring presentation that pointed out the following: if brands helped to enrich everyday life experiences, they could create a huge impact on their fans, and the world. Companies who are engaging their audience deeper than just a sale or transaction are creating memorable experiences that result in longer-lasting connections and, therefore, are transforming their brands. Here are a few great examples.

Coke – creating an experience where their fans are the stars
By now you have seen the Coke labels personalized with names. For as long as it has been around, the Coca-Cola company has brought people together with a smile – I’d like to teach the world to sing; Have a coke and a smile, etc. However, with the huge increase in bottled beverage competition, Coke was losing market share among the young adult audience, particularly in Australia. By simply changing the label to include personal names on a Coke bottle, the beverage maker created a way for their customers to connect with each other, and with Coke. Bottles flew off the shelves as people started buying more than just a soda, they were buying an experience.

Always – featuring zero product in the ad

In an unusual approach to consumer products advertising (particularly feminine products advertising), Always set out to make a more meaningful connection with their consumers. “Run like a girl,” became a viral video with its shocking display of how a girl’s self-confidence plummets when she hits puberty. By focusing on a universal issue faced by the Always audience, the brand connected with its consumers on a deeply emotional level.

Expedia – selling a memory

In this real-life experiment, Expedia asked people on their lunch break where they would go if they could go anywhere in the world. Folks were able to easily pull up their destination on a user-friendly Expedia app. Then, the interviewer would ask, “How would you like to go there right now?” While many people had previous obligations or sadly declined the offer, one young man dropped everything to make his life-long dream of going to China a reality. He got on a plane hours later on a trip of a lifetime sponsored and paid for by Expedia, in the name of spontaneity.

As Certified Brand Strategists, we are committed to the continuous learning that helps us hone our craft and bring new ideas to our clients. Dustin’s presentation inspired us to think of new ways to help our clients deliver their brand experience in meaningful and exciting ways. Thanks Dustin, and thanks Brand Establishment!


Founder and president of Idea Agency, Christine Tieri is the only Certified Brand Strategist in New England.

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