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3 Attributes of a Strong Brand

November 15, 2017

It’s always good to take a fresh look at your brand to ensure you’re doing everything possible to deliver on your brand promise.

We believe that strong brands live at the intersection of management’s vision, internal culture, and audience motivation. To understand if your brand is positioned properly and delivers consistently on your promise, resolve to ensure it upholds the following three attributes.



Your brand position must be distinctive and defendable in the marketplace.  The vision for the company and the claims you make must differentiate you from your competition and be wholly supported by your internal staff. Ask yourself…

  1. Can anyone else stake your claim?
  2. Do your employees believe it?


Your brand experience needs to be deliverable each and every day in a consistent way and at every touch point. Your products, services, marketing and especially your employees (internal culture) must communicate the same points whenever they interact with your audience. Ask yourself…

  1. What programs do you have in place to consistently cultivate your brand experience among your internal stakeholders? (e.g., onboarding, training, rewards programs, etc.)
  2. Do your internal stakeholders and external communications consistently deliver the same core message?


The position you take, the culture you build, the messaging you create… none of it matters if the audience isn’t engaged and motivated to buy what you are selling. Ask yourself…

  1. Have you identified and prioritized your key audience(s) that need and want to engage with your brand? (Don’t say “everyone!”)
  2. Have you segmented your audience beyond demographics, taking into account their attitudes and motivations?

When you’ve mastered these three areas, you know you have a rock-solid brand! If you puzzled over any of the questions or aren’t sure if you’re doing as much as you could be, give me a call and we can help you hone your strategy to build the strongest brand possible.


Christine Tieri, President and Certified Brand Strategist at Idea Agency, is driven to unleash her clients’ greatness to build amazing brands. She founded the agency nearly 20 years ago based on the philosophy that combining strategic thinking and imaginative ideation results in smart messaging that cuts through the clutter.

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