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Join Our Network of Agency Principals on Friday, February 17th

December 16, 2016

Become part of a network comprised of smart, forward thinking agency principals who want to get better every day and win in every pitch.

We’re a network of like-minded professionals who support, teach and share with each other and, together, advance the prestige and importance of working with a competent well trained and superior marketing partner – stuff their clients fully understand and benefit from.

If you are you looking for a proven way to energize your agency, add a major revenue stream, a relevant expertise, a way to “get in the door” and connect with C-level executives, consider The Brand Establishment’s proven approach.

Winter Meeting: San Diego, CA – February 16th & 17th

This February, join us at our Winter Meeting held at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, CA.  We have opened our doors on Friday, February 17th to guests, and would love to have you. But hurry! Guest spots are available to the first two inquiring agencies.

Our keynote speaker for Friday is Jay Acunzo. He is an amazing speaker with a ton of energy. Below is the title and description of his presentation, we have worked with him for several weeks on a great topic we know every agency will love.

Unthinkable: How Top Marketers Do Exceptional Things by Making Creativity & Brand Smart, Not Scary, in Any Industry

Agency leaders today can get caught between a rock and hard place when pushing clients towards better thinking. On the one hand, proven, conventional thinking is everywhere, packaged as nice, neat, and SAFE lists of tips-and-tricks we can use to persuade others of our approach. But all that list-following won’t differentiate a brand. On the other hand, examples of thinking are everywhere too, but no amount of Red Bull or BMW or the Ritz will help our clients evolve their thinking.

How can we elevate the conversation? How can we inspire better, more innovative actions from clients? How can we grow their brands, inspire better creativity, and help them differentiate in a noisy world?

In this fast-paced, inspiring talk, keynote speaker, writer, and podcast host Jay Acunzo will kick off our Friday on a high note and get us fired up to re-think how we approach creativity and risk-taking with our clients. He’ll share stories of marketers doing what their competitors wouldn’t dare try, all while viewing it as the safe, smart play. He’ll lead us through the journey from average and conventional to creative and exceptional. And you’ll walk away with a smart, specific framework to help your clients stop running scared and start considering the right questions.

In the end, we want competitors to watch in awe as we take our clients from average to exceptional, doing things we know are smart but others see as a giant leap.

So ask yourself: Are you ready to do the Unthinkable?


Jay Acunzo: Host & Creator, Unthinkable

Jay Acunzo is the world’s most passionate craft-driven marketer and a highly sought after keynote speaker. Jay launched his career as a reporter for The Hartford Courant and PR writer for ESPN before landing a job with Google as a digital media strategist. He went on to lead content creation and marketing strategies for tech brands including HubSpot, as well as the top-tier venture capital firm NextView.

Today, he hosts a weekly show called Unthinkable, which explores what it takes to trust your intuition to succeed. When he’s not writing or podcasting, he’s traveling the world helping people and organizations break from all the listicles and average junk out there to instead achieve the exceptional.

Interested in Joining?

To see if you qualify or for more information about our Winter Meeting and The Brand Establishment, please contact managing partner, Jacquie Francisco at or (619) 255-6600.


About The Brand Establishment

The Brand Establishment perfected the first contemporary brand development process specifically for small to mid-sized advertisers more than two decades ago. These tools and procedures have been utilized by companies in virtually every business sector – hundreds of times.