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What Famous Brand Would You Be?

March 4, 2016

I’m just back from my Winter meeting of The Brand Establishment, held in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. Sure the sun puts us all in a great mood (especially those from the north), but it’s not just the Vitamin D that we’re after. We all commit to our twice-yearly conference of continuous learning because we crave the knowledge, camaraderie, and inspiration we get from the programming and each other.

As the only Certified Brand Strategists in the country, our group’s mission is to bring the latest thinking and best practices in brand development to our clients. We spend two chock-full days together learning from the best in the business, challenging each other to think differently, and perfecting our proven processes for brand development and implementation.

The foundation of what we do is help businesses discover their claim of distinction by uncovering the unique attributes that are defendable in the marketplace, deliverable on a consistent basis, and desirable to their audience. Lately, as part of my work, I’ve been applying these very same brand development principals when helping individuals develop their personal leadership brands. I’ve conducted many presentations and workshops about honing your personal leadership brand and aligning yourself with your company’s brand. During my talks, I sometimes ask people, if you were a famous brand, which would you be and why? As a personal leadership brand of your own, which attributes do you share with this famous brand?

I was interested to see what my fellow Certified Brand Strategists would have to say, and it’s not surprising that they came up with some really great answers. Brands from cars to shoes to liquor to celebrities – this group showed their unique styles, personalities, and attributes that truly make them stand out from the pack.


Christine TieriPresident and Certified Brand Strategist at Idea Agency 

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