Kelsey Advertising & Design – Brant Kelsey

Brant Kelsey is principal and founder of Kelsey Advertising & Design, a brand marketing and strategy firm in LaGrange, Georgia. He is a Certified Brand Strategist through the Brand Establishment. You can find Brant on and Twitter.

1.) Where did your agency name originate from?

It’s my last name. Duh. Seriously, I didn’t want to do it but we took a staff vote and they liked it and wanted it.

2.) What year did your agency begin?

1998, but I hired the first employee in 2004.

3.) Where did your agency start?

My back bedroom in an apartment.

4.) What does your office space look like?

It’s an open concept with windows along two walls. The building is an old Coca Cola Bottling building, and we are in the ‘bottling room”

contemporary-office-space office-building-services commercial-builder-lagrange-ga

5.) Do you have an office pet?

We have plants. Does that count?

6.) What’s the last thing your team did together outside the office?

We had lunch today and then did our “cultural uprising” afterwards (helping foster children).

7.) What’s your company’s #1 moto?

We joke that it’s “Don’t bother us, we’re too busy helping you.”

8.) What’s one word to describe your team?


9.) What’s the last award your agency received?

I don’t know, but it was a design award.

10.) What’s one piece of advice you’d give to future agencies?

New business. New business. New business.


Meet The Leadership Council:

Andy Fritchley, Jennifer Holland, Brant Kelsey & Christine Tieri


The Brand Establishment’s managing partners, Russ Cornelius and Jacquie Francisco, had a vision of launching the “next level” of learning for tenured, qualified Certified Brand Strategists. In addition to providing these strategists more advanced learning, Cornelius and Francisco wanted the opportunity to draw upon the brand development acumen and sought leadership of these individuals.

The outflow of this collaboration among the Brand Establishment managing partners and the advanced-level Certified Brand Strategist members is the creation of The Brand Establishment Leadership Council. The council’s mission is to elevate the teaching, methodology, and curriculum of The Brand Establishment, while each member strives to augment his or her continued education and brand expertise, as well.

Through deep cooperation and training on all TBE’s tools and concepts, the council offers recommendations to improve tools, training and certification practices, in addition to developing new ideas, best practices, products and services that benefit all Brand Establishment members. The council also acts as an advisory board that may impact decisions directing the future of the organization.