When everyone lives the brand, amazing things can happen.

When a company’s distinctive brand is discovered, its corporate “Why” is unearthed, and then both are shared with employees, strategic partners, stakeholders, the channel, industry influencers, customers and prospects, there is an opportunity to do something revolutionary.

Most companies really don’t understand the potential their brand and other intangible assets holds. Or do they realize the value it can bring to the business. And when CEO’s learn that, on average, 66% of their current value comes from those intangible assets, they begin to set up and listen. And it is a wonderful opportunity to talk about brand potential without growing the ad budget.

Brands are born of various means. Discovery of not just the brands unique distinction, but its soul and its true value as well.

When these attributes are shared with the before-mentioned audiences, something powerful and uplifting can happen. First, if the brand is discovered from within the company, the employees are already a part of that brand and have played a role in establishing it from the beginning. And if that same group buys into the company “Why,” then a trust is developed and a great sense of confidence between both leadership and staff and vice versa. You see like-mindedness is the glue that bonds this community of leaders and workers together. The CEO will have faith that each person in the company is delivering the brand promise and as well, that the CEO is guiding the company based on the guardrails established in discovery. Only when these two elements are in place are seeds of uprising planted – the good kind. The kind of cultural uprising that unites the entire company around a shared belief or cause.

Is a cultural uprising good for all companies? Maybe, maybe not. But, if you want your brand to be viewed as having a purpose behind your products or services, you want your employees to embrace and share yours and your company’s deeper beliefs, and you want your customers to have more than price or offering to be the only reason to do business with you, get your uprising on because customers and employees alike are attracted to businesses with a soul.