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How buying quality brands pays off … twice.

May 30, 2014

It was time.

My closet was crammed full of too large and out dated black pants, never worn tops and some near new, pretty good-looking jackets.  All were in perfect shape, just hanging there with no place to go any longer.   You see I always buy good labels and good fabric content.    That doesn’t necessarily mean I always pay full price.   I’m a really great shopper who watches for sales and am energized by the thrill of the hunt.   In fact, sometimes if the price for a great brand is too good to pass up  … even though I may not be sure of the style or color …   I convince myself I would be crazy not to buy it at this price … and besides I’ll learn to love it.  It’s that thinking that brings me to my story:

I’d been thinking of getting rid of some of my ‘gently worn’ clothes for some time now.  And I honestly don’t know what came over me but one day I just start pulling things out of the closet and several hours later I had a pile … and I mean a pile of clothes.

I decided, even though I would have to clean, wash and press all 52 pieces, I would take them to the consignment shop and maybe they would find new life there.  Besides no matter what I got for them, it would be all I needed to justify another shopping trip!

So I filled my trunk and I was off.  The proprietor was very clear that she would have to inspect each article to make certain they were worthy of a place in her store.  I totally understood.  She said she would call me when she had completed that task.

That afternoon, she called.  She was thrilled with almost everything I had dropped off and … ‘yes, she said’ …most all of the pieces had made the grade.  There were, however some items she didn’t want.  Hmmm, I didn’t think I included anything that wasn’t in perfect condition.  She replied: “Oh, everything was in great condition. I just don’t accept any clothing without a label … no matter how good the condition.”

And there it was … the story I always tell was coming right back at me.  Brands ARE important!  It’s how consumers decide what an item is worth.  If the jean jacket I cut the ‘pinchy’ label out of were still there, Christine, the proprietor of the store would be able to determine the worth of the jacket.  Since there was no label … and therefore no brand, she would not take it.  She had no idea how to price it and there would be no way for her customer to determine if it was worth the price.  Besides her store’s unique value was that she sold only ‘upscale’ brands that were like new.  Never underestimate the power of the brand … good or bad.

So, my shopping strategy of buying great brands will pay me back … twice.  I got to wear the clothing for several years, and the delivery of the brand promise of good quality merchandise will allow me to make a few bucks …  to buy more high quality items … that someday I will re-sell … only this time I will not cut the labels out … no matter how uncomfortable they are!

The story has a great ending in spite of the few pieces with no labels.  Those went to a women’s shelter and almost 50 great pieces … with labels … are there in the store just waiting for the perfect customer who will recognize they can’t pass up a brand this good for this price.

– By Rosemary Breehl, C.B.S. – Managing Partner The Brand Establishment

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