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Great minds think alike. So do great brands.

February 9, 2012

Dateline-San Diego.

I just came home from our two-day semi-annual meeting of Brand Establishment Certified Brand Strategists.

I’m exhausted. And, it is not what you think. Oh sure…when strong minded agency principals get together and the personalities come out and the festivities begin at the cocktail hour and group dinners, just trying to keep up with the sharpest brand minds in the game is daunting.

But I meant exhausted in a different, more challenging way. Exhausted in the sense that we created together better, more disciplined, more focused programs to help our combined clients.

And it has nothing to do with logos, advertising or the occasional tweet. And everything to do with the way we….as agency principals deal with our clients on a different level. A level that is owned most recently only by big-money consultants.

You see…Brand Establishment’s Certified Brand Strategists play on a different, a more valuable level. And our niche is right in the sweet spot of smaller to mid-size marketers who desire to get what they know they deserve and only see in the biggest brands.

Advice, counsel, strategic direction…programs, tactics and initiatives that operationalize their brands…not just praise them in a jingle.

Programs that engage, enthuse, empower associates. Processes and procedures that, I guarantee you 99% of agency principals aren’t talking about. Approaches and proprietary models that take an organization to identified sales growth and brand value by looking at vision, not starting with marketing plans. We engage much earlier and take much deeper dives than any agency in our competitive set is even considering. Why? Why not!

Two days of this: Intense, rapid-fire, thought-provoking, engaging, stimulating, fun, festive and fabulous.

Of course, I am exhausted.

But in a good way.

Our clients won’t know what hit them. In a good way.

– By Tom Traynor

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The Brand Establishment perfected the first contemporary brand development process specifically for small to mid-sized advertisers more than two decades ago. These tools and procedures have been utilized by companies in virtually every business sector – hundreds of times.