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What Great Brands Do

September 8, 2017

What Great Brands Do

By: Denise Lee Yohn

What is the Topic or Central Idea?

How internal brand is really the driving force behind all popular and successful brands.

How did you hear about this book?

It was discussed at our August meeting in Chicago.

Did this book hook you immediately or take you time to get into?

The concept was intriguing but it did take one chapter for it to draw me in. Once I started I finished it within just a few days.

Do you have a favorite quote or passage in the book? Why is this your favorite?

Oh yes I do. “Is your brand tattoo ready?” Love this. Nike sure is. But is yours, your clients? That is thinking behind the quote. Once I read it I had to write it down.

What did you learn and take away from this book?

It really emphasized something that we
discuss on an ongoing basis at The Brand Establishment, that internal brand development is the
leading is causing your brand to fail or be successful. If your brand doesn’t start internally then it
will never be clear externally.

Review Submitted by: Jacquie Francisco, Managing Partner of The Brand Establishment

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