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Start With Why

February 7, 2017

Start With Why

By: Simon Sinek

What is the Topic or Central Idea?

Discovering and understanding the underlying why in either a person or a company to help them lead the most authentic life.

How did you hear about this book?

Richard Gripp from Ignite, who is also a Certified Brand Strategist with The Brand Establishment. He brought the idea to one of our winter meetings and it has been a part of our curriculum ever since.

Did this book hook you immediately or take you time to get into?

We watched the TED talk before reading the book. The book is a repeat of the video so reading the book was quite easy.

Do you have a favorite quote or passage in the book?

Why is this your favorite? “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. … this is the essence of what brand development is.

What did you learn and take away from this book?

The “WHY” is now an integral part of The Brand Establishment process. It helped open our minds and discovery a meaning behind what we have been learning and teaching for all these years.

Review submitted by: Jacquie Francisco, Managing Partner of The Brand Establishment

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