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Building A Story Brand

March 14, 2018

Building A Story Brand

By: Donald Miller

What is the Topic or Central Idea?

Donald Miller shows in his book that brands that use stories to sell their goods and services have an easier time getting customers to engage with them. He references research that says there are only seven different story plots, that every story ever told fits in one of them. They are: overcoming the monster; rags to riches; the quest; voyage and return; comedy; tragedy; rebirth.

Through tons of research, he breaks these plots down into seven stages. He then shows you how to look at your brand, services, or product lines, and consistently write a compelling story progressing through his seven stages. In the end, the story is practically written for you. Then you can creatively bring the story to life.

How did you hear about this book?

I had a client who saw him speak in person, and was really fired up about it. He explained the premise and I was intrigued.

Did this book hook you immediately or take you time to get into?

I got the book and finished it in one setting. It was so good I bought a hardback copy to keep.

Do you have a favorite quote or passage in the book? Why is this your favorite? What did you learn and take away from this book?

Miller uses movies throughout the book as examples to supporting his plot references. He then uses real-world case studies of companies that use story to sell, showing ones that are doing it well, and ones that need to change direction. These are my favorite parts of the book, because it illustrates the techniques and brings context to the concepts he teaches. Few books do a good job at this, but Miller excels at this.

What did you learn and take away from this book?

Many people think they understand “telling a brand story.” It sounds easy, but crafting a compelling story is hard. Miller’s system

Review Submitted by: Brant Kelsey, Kelsey Advertising & Design 

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