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The 1-Page Marketing Plan

September 19, 2017

The 1-Page Marketing

By: Allan Dib

What is the Topic or Central Idea?

The central idea of this book is to help small business owners demystify the arduous task of creating a marketing plan by simplifying it to one page. Most business plans, and more specifically, marketing plans can be dozens of pages long, full of business jargon, and contain unrealistic projections.

This book caught my attention because I love looking for ways to simplify and condense complex ideas. This book shows you how to put your entire marketing plan, for a specific product or service, onto one sheet, split up into 9 areas of focus. They are:

1) Determine your target market.

2) Craft your message to this market.

3) Decide what media to reach that market.

4) Build a lead capture system.

5) Nurture your leads.

6) Settle on a sales conversion process.

7) Deliver a world-class experience.

8) Increase customer lifetime value.

9) How to build a referral system that pays off.

How did you hear about this book?

I was actually looking for a customer service/experience book. This came highly recommended on Amazon, so I took a chance.

Did this book hook you immediately or take you time to get into?

This book was fairly easy to get into and stay hooked. Nothing in this book is revolutionary, you’ve probably read most of it in other more famous business books. Where this book shines in its ability to boil things down in a very no-nonsense way – one page!

Do you have a favorite quote or passage in the book? Why is this your favorite?

I have several!

-On innovation, “Don’t be a turkey, and don’t do business like one.”
-Need an elevator pitch? Try the format: “You know X? Well, we do Y. In fact, our customers have seen Z from working with us.”
-On the value of social media, “Social media is only free if your time is worth nothing.”
-“One is the WORST number in business.”
-Most companies’ marketing plans are “hope”.
-“The money is in the follow-up.”

What did you learn and take away from this book?

I am reminded that marketing doesn’t have to be overly complicated for small business owners. Many things can be broken down into easier, more common sense, step-by-step actions.

Review Submitted by: Brant Kelsey, Kelsey Advertising & Design 

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