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Meet Tal Riff – An Interview With Our Upcoming Guest Speaker

December 20, 2018

Meet Tal Riff,  the director of Content & Brand Strategy at Shaftesbury, an “award-winning creator and producer of original content for television, film, digital, and brands.”

This February she’ll be joining us as our guest speaker in Savannah, Georgia. Take a look at what she has in store for us!

TBE: We’re really looking forward to seeing you at our winter conference in Savannah, GA! At Shaftesbu, you incorporate brands into film, television, and digital content. This allows you to work on some pretty exciting projects. This past year, what project did you have the most fun working on?

Tal: I’m so honored to be a guest speaker at your upcoming conference, and can’t wait to meet you all and share some of my recent experiences working in branded entertainment. One of the most exciting projects I’ve taken part in has been Carmilla, a 3-season webseries entirely funded by U by Kotex, and which has now been turned into a feature length movie, a book, and potentially a TV series, all because of its impassioned audience. This is a true fandom, and it’s all culminated in the production of a documentary called Queering the Script, coming out in 2019, where we shine the spotlight on the importance of having authentic representation on screen. I’m also really excited to be working on a series called UnNerved, about a young woman with MS, helping to normalize the conversation around living with chronic illness and confronting society’s narrow definition of what it is to be “normal”. I hope that this show too will drive conversation forward and really encourage its audience to have positive dialogue to help make an impact in that community.

TBE: Millennials and Gen Z have really changed the way brands market themselves. How do you feel non-traditional marketing has kept brands relevant?

Tal: Although no two Millennials or Gen Z’rs are alike, this is a very savvy audience who is quick to call out a brand’s inauthentic, try-too-hard marketing. Brands that stand for something, such as the ones behind Carmila and UnNerved, embrace non-traditional marketing and understand that they have to speak with their consumers, and not at them. These 2-way conversations allow brands access to their consumers all throughout the sales journey, in a unique and engaging way. This form of constant, and often real-time interaction, creates customer experiences that foster brand loyalty, especially within these audience groups who value purpose and meaning when it comes to brand preference.

TBE: We know fashion is something that excites you. What is your favorite piece of clothing or favorite accessory and why?

Tal: I do love fashion, and am always on the lookout for fun, unique pieces. My day to day style is somewhat minimalistic, but I’m all about the accessories to add in some flavor to my outfits. Now that we’re in the cold weather months, my go-to’s are neutral-colored scarves, booties, and extra wooly layers to keep me warm, contrasted with some bright lipstick, or colorful chunky jewelry. Most of my accessories I pick up in my travels, so I’m hoping to have some time in Savannah for a bit of boutique browsing!

TBE: You’re so busy. What’s your favorite way to de-stress and relax?

Tal: Music and yoga are my favorite relaxation and de-stressing tools. I always have music on, whether I’m in the car, at work, working out, or having an impromptu dance party with my kids at home. Music is an automatic stress reliever for me. I try to make it out to a live show as often as I can as I find them energizing and inspiring. The last one I went to was DVSN, an R&B duo, playing with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra – the artistry and the energy in the room were breathtaking and almost surreal. I wish I could bottle up that feeling.

TBE: Savannah, GA is known for its history and charm. Is there something that you are looking forward to doing/seeing during your trip?

Tal: I spent a day in Savannah 5 years ago on my way to Hilton Head Island, and fell in love with this part of the country. I can’t wait to explore it a bit more in February when I come down to join you at The Brand Establishment Winter Conference. On the top of my list of things to see or do are strolling along River Street, the main squares and Bonaventure Cemetery, catching a live jazz show, and enjoying delicious local food with the members of TBE!  

For more information about our upcoming Winter Conference, click here.

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