PART II: Certified Brand Strategists’ Least Favorite Brands

March 31, 2017

Welcome to part two of a two-part blog series about the most and least admired brands. At our recent Brand Establishment meeting, where nearly 40 of the country’s best minds in brand gather to share ideas, best practices, and maybe a few cocktails, we polled the Certified Brand Strategists (CBS) about their beloved and not-so- beloved brands. Certified Brand Strategists’ Least Favorite Brands The discussion surrounding the least admired brands got very personal with many of our […]

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To Post or Not To Post – Your Personal Brand is Reflected in Every Communication

April 14, 2017

Social media gives people power. Anyone with a social media account has immediate influence and authority, whether it’s earned or not. An online presence creates a personal brand in the minds of the masses with every post.  It’s a reflection of you, your family, even your employer. Your personal brand is not just what you tell people it is. It’s what you say and do…and what you post online. Comments to other posts or retweets […]

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A Brand is a Brand is a Brand.

April 7, 2017

Very often we hear B2B advertisers say: “Branding is for consumer products—B2B is all about relationships and people, not products because most of the B2B category is made up of commodity products and services anyway.” And we say: “Not so, a brand is a brand is a brand.” It is just as important for B2B customers and prospects to know what brand of manufacturer or supplier, or distributor, or professional services provider you are as […]

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PART I: Favorite Brands from our Favorite Certified Brand Strategists

March 24, 2017

Welcome to part one of a two-part blog series about the most and least admired brands. At our recent Brand Establishment meeting, where nearly 40 of the country’s best minds in brand gathered to share ideas, best practices, and maybe a few cocktails, we polled the Certified Brand Strategists (CBS) about their beloved and not-so- beloved brands. Favorite Brands from our Favorite  Certified Brand Strategists   Nike to Sephora: Retail Romance Adidas –To this Georgia CBS and resident […]

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Don’t Ignore Internal Branding. Your Employees Are Your Customer’s Experience.

March 17, 2017

Aside from advertising, employees are the first contact customers have with your brand. Making sure employees deliver a consistent brand experience goes beyond well-documented processes and checklists. Consistent brand delivery is a product of an intentional internal brand development process which helps employees to hear the brand, see the brand and ultimately live the brand. So what exactly is Internal Brand Development? Internal Brand Development is the process of training and educating your employees to […]

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2017 Winter Member Meeting – San Diego, CA

March 3, 2017

If you weren’t able to make it to San Diego, CA for our winter member meeting, you missed seeing fellow members, our sunset cruise, a great guest speaker and more.

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4 Steps to Keep Your Brand Strong After the Initial Launch

February 10, 2017

We are in the brand building business: we help clients build new brands, refresh old brands, and sometimes just hone an already strong brand. Of course, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of discovering your unique claim of distinction and all of the new ways that it can be brought to life.

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A Crash Course in Branding for Entrepreneurs

January 23, 2017

How can your brand rise above a cluttered marketplace? Taking an inside-out approach is the most powerful and prolific way to distinguish your brand from the competition.

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When CEO’s Look in the Mirror, They Should See Their Company’s Brand

January 19, 2017

I was asked recently why it was so important that the C-Suite be involved in the brand development process. My answer was – and always is: brand development is not a marketing assignment; it is a corporate initiative and must originate at the very top echelon of the company or organization. You see – CEO’s, presidents or the executive leadership of any enterprise are the brand ambassadors: the evangelists and chief advocates. The employees, suppliers, […]

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Leadership Council Agency Spotlight: Idea Agency

January 14, 2017

Idea Agency – Christine Tieri Christine is driven to unleash her clients’ greatness to build amazing brands. As the only Certified Brand Strategist in New England, Christine is uniquely qualified to help her clients put their stake in the ground for their teams and customers to rally behind. Christine is an expert workshop facilitator and a sought-after speaker on brand development, integrated marketing, and ideation. 1.) Where did your agency name originate from? About 18 months ago, we took a […]

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Why Brands Need Enculturation™

January 5, 2017

A company’s brand should extend beyond surface level internal and external recognition. It should live within the organization – within every department, from engineering, human resources, manufacturing and finance to business services, customer service, sales, distribution and marketing. The Brand Establishment’s Enculturation™ process is exactly what companies need to achieve complete success with their brand development initiatives.

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